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Download our app to your mobile device.
Just follow these very simple directions.

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PaperChain -  Download our Web app. Use it. And crush all your sales goals.
Go To:
1.            Open the Link: 
2.            Safari will open and prompt you to click the little box at the bottom of the screen with an arrow popping out of it
3.            Then 'Add To Home Screen'
4.            Confirm by clicking 'Add'
5.            You will be taken out of Safari to where the app is on the phone for you to start using.

1.            Open the Link:
2.            Internet browser will open and prompt with a preview of app contact card.   Click 3 dots in upper right hand corner of browser.
3.            Click “Add To Home Screen”.
4.            Confirm by clicking 'Add'.
5.            Close browser and you will see app icon on home screen.

Please note:   The first time you open the app, the original install screen will display.   You need to click on the “X” in the pop up bubble and then you will get taken to the app!

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