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By:  PaperChain Marketing Committee

Industry insiders know and recognize the valuable service our community papers provide to readers and advertisers, but all too often in the hustle and bustle of today’s fast-paced world, we become so wrapped up in publishing that those important facts get overlooked.

For the benefit of publishers of this valuable service, and for future generations of community paper publishers who will follow, it’s important to remind those we serve of the unique service we provide to their community and to toot our horn just a little bit.

PaperChain is the common link between all the national, regional and state free community paper organizations which makes it the logical choice to lead the charge to organize a recognition and celebration of our grassroots industry.

The PaperChain members believe the mission of Free Community Papers fits perfectly with the national celebration of freedom the United States so proudly enjoys.

The concepts of freedom, liberty and the rights we hold so dear provide the nation’s community papers with the perfect backdrop to remind the country of the blue-chip services we bring to millions of homes each week.

In the spirit of independence and freedom celebrated nationwide every July we need your help to spread the word and demonstrate the reach of our industry across this great land. We encourage you to do this by joining with other free papers nationwide through a celebration of the Free Community Paper Industry during the entire month of July.

 Here are few things PaperChain can offer to help you with your celebration:

Shown below is the Free Community Paper Month Logo. Please use this logo often on your masthead, folios, promotional ads, articles and as fillers throughout your paper leading up to and during July. For original artwork and PDF's of the artwork SEE BELOW.

Also available are sample ads, posters and creative ideas for the celebration. Check back from time to time as new information will be available, as the creative materials are submitted from publications around the country. We encourage all free paper publishers to put together a prize package for their readers to be able to enter and win locally. It doesn't need to be extravagant, but we know prizes always peak reader interest. Publishers are asked not to alter the Free Paper Month logo, but please use it often. We encourage you to localize the ads and draw your reader’s attention to the important role your paper and staff play in this industry and how this industry stimulates the local and national economy. We also encourage you to brainstorm with your staff and find ways to use the month of July to highlight your publication’s accomplishments and the many ways your publications help drive and support the local economy. The celebration is only as big as you choose to make it. Ask your town fathers, city council and county government to consider taking action on a local proclamation formally recognizing Free Community Paper Month. Suggested proclamation verbiage is available BELOW.
Your paper has made a great investment in your community and the industry as a whole. Only you and your staff can help us bring that story alive to your readers in this consolidated nation-wide effort. Please consider active participation in the July Free Community Paper Month. Visit us on Facebook and let us know your plans for Free Community Paper Month.  Thank you in advance for all you do to enhance the industry with every issue you publish and with your support with this project.

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